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Squid Game is a fun game made by Squid Labs. It offers a lot of missions that you have to complete in order to win rewards.

Based on a popular Korean series on Netflix, Squid Game takes inspiration from this movie to create thrilling challenges. It tells the story of a contest between 456 players who are all dealing with financial problems. The players join the contest because they all have a lot of debts to pay.

You will have to pass a lot of missions in the game. When you complete each stage, you are rewarded with money. However, if fail in any mission, you will lose.

Red Light, Green Light

Red Light, Green Light is the first missions in this game. This is a popular children's game in many countries, but it has been adapted to this series with a twist.

In this game, you will compete against other players in the field where you need to turn when the green light is on. If you keep turning at the red light, you will get out. You will be amazed if you play this simple but exciting game today.

Sugar Honeycombs

Next mission is Sugar Honeycombs - cutting shapes based on a provided layout. Taking too much time to hold the cutter could result in a mistake. When you make a mistake in the mission, you will die.

So you need to quickly and carefully finish it before time runs out.

There are many other missions (listed below) that you must complete to get the rewards.

Missions List

  • 🎮 Red Light, Green Light
  • 🎮 Sugar Honeycombs
  • 🎮 Tug-of-war
  • 🎮 Marbles
  • 🎮 Glass Stepping Stones
  • 🎮 The Squid Game

Tug Of War

What is Squid Game?

Squid Game is a game for PC, Laptop using Windows OS - gives users a simulation experience to play this game.

Featuring high-quality visuals, Squid Game is a game that provides you with a great gaming experience. You can navigate your character very easily thanks to the intelligent control system.

Glass Stepping Stones

This game will include all the games featured in the movie. You will be able to play through all six with everything the original characters went through in the movie.

- The first is popular game in a variety of countries - Red Light, Green Light.

- A second game they play is cutting shapes from honeycombs, such as circles, stars, triangles, and umbrellas.


- Teams of ten contestants are required to play a third game. A tug-of-war game will be played, the losing team will be disqualified after each round.

- After the fourth game, the players will be paired up. They are told that the loser who loses all the marbles at the end of playing a marble game of their choosing will be killed once they have teamed up with an ally.

- The fifth game calls for the players to choose a number between one and sixteen, after which they are informed that they will be crossing a bridge in that order.

One of the two glass panels that make up the bridge must be jumped on by each player, but only one can hold them up. Consequently, early in the game, players who leap on the incorrect panel on the bridge will fail.

- In this list, there is one more game, Squid Game.

The Squid Game

You can play Squid Game Challenge now to enjoy the story of a man who is strapped for cash and enticed to join a thrilling & suspenseful game.

Those who enjoy Squid Game should download the game and experience it.

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